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- Welcome to the CRESCENDO website!

The “Collaborative and Robust Engineering using Simulation Capability Enabling Next Design Optimisation” (CRESCENDO) project started in May 2009 and ended in October 2012.  This EU FP7 co-funded project was coordinated by Airbus with a consortium of 59 partners from 13 countries, including aircraft and aero-engine manufacturers & suppliers, PLM and simulation software solution providers, research centres and academic institutions.

The following High-level Objectives were used to guide and assess the achievable contribution of the results when deployed within the application areas covered during CRESCENDO.

High Level Objectives Target reduction for  CRESCENDO contribution Assessment of achievable contribution
Development Life Cycle Cost 10% 5.5% - 9.5%
Development Life Cycle Time 10% 4.4%– 9.2%
Rework 50% 30% – 47%
Physical Testing Costs 20% 16% – 21%

The major result has been to develop foundations for the “Behavioural Digital Aircraft” (BDA), initiating a step change in the use of advanced Simulation Processes & Data Management (SPDM) for collaborative product development.  Two categories of enabling technologies were delivered:

  • BDA collaboration capabilities for managing distributed data, processes and infrastructure. CRESCENDO delivered a generic Business Object Model, web services and Data Exchange (DEX) specifications built on ISO standards; interoperable SPDM platform implementations enabled secure collaborative workflows, with dashboards to monitor progress and assess quality of simulation results; and decision environments were created for aircraft behaviour architects to orchestrate trade studies, and to record key product development decisions.
  • BDA engineering methods enabling more effective behavioural modelling and simulation processes. CRESCENDO delivered new methods for model preparation using automated meshing and geometric reasoning techniques; surrogate and reduced order modelling; multidisciplinary optimisation strategies; advances in multi-physics coupling with some focus on thermal fluid-structure interactions, aero-thermal and aero-acoustic-vibration modelling.

The applicability of the results was demonstrated in engineering scenarios representative of the preliminary design and detailed definition phases of the product development lifecycle where the process flow is “design driven by simulation”; and also the test and certification phases where the process flow is “design validated by simulation”.  Four major application areas were considered: Value Generation, Thermal Aircraft, Power Plant Integration, and Virtual Testing, further decomposed into 17 “Test Cases”.  These provided realistic demonstrations of simulation-based collaborative product development across all phases, and showed the maturity level and value of the enabling BDA collaboration capabilities and BDA engineering methods.

The CRESCENDO project has made its results available to the aeronautics supply chain and related scientific community through: dissemination including the main CRESCENDO Forum (and handbook) in June 2012, four other industry supply chain events, and more than 90 conference or journal publications; the creation of a catalogue outlining more than 80 exploitable results and the BDA e-Learning portal for the consortium; and 100 final deliverable documents

Progress in the months following CRESCENDO indicates that the BDA vision is becoming reality in the industrial context, supported by software vendors’ solution roadmaps.  An industry driven standardisation project (Proposal being monitored via ASD-SSG: AeroSpace & Defence Industries Association of Europe Strategic Standardization Group.)is proposed to secure the BDA collaboration standard, and at least two collaborative research projects (EU FP7 co-funded TOICA “Thermal Overall Integrated Conception of Aircraft” project due  in September 2013 and UK TSB co-funded CONGA “Configuration Optimisation of Next Generation Aircraft” project having started in February 2013)plan to exploit and further develop results from CRESCENDO.

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